A life celebration is a ceremony that is held before, after, or in lieu of, a traditional funeral or memorial service. The focus is not on the death of the person, but on the joy that the person brought to others. 

Instead of being a sombre event, guests use this time to talk, laugh and share the good times they had with the person who died. It is often held on a weekend or during a holiday period when more people are able to attend and celebrate a life well-lived. 

A life celebration doesn’t follow any set guidelines and is often held outdoors or in a family home. It can be a short ceremony of 30 minutes or so, or can go for much longer depending on the format.

I am also able to plan a ceremony with someone before they die so that they get to decide exactly what their ceremony will be like and on their terms.

What you include in a celebration of life service is completely up to you, unless your loved one had specific instructions before he or she died.  A typical service may include all or some of the following:

Music: Played at specific times throughout the service or only at the beginning and/or end. The music can be live, recorded or a mixture of both. Typically, music enjoyed by the deceased person is selected.

Speakers: Various presenters and/or the celebrant talk about the deceased person’s life, hobbies, achievements, work, etc. This is an opportunity for guests to gain a deeper knowledge of various life milestones, triumphs and challenges of the deceased.

Poems and readings: These would have significant meaning to the person who died or to loved ones and can be included at various points throughout the ceremony.

Mementos: Photos and personal items of the deceased can be placed on a memory table or presented on display boards.  

Slideshow: A slideshow that highlights the deceased person’s life may be shown. This typically includes a variety of photos from childhood throughout their life.

Memorial notes: Guests can write a message to the person who died, or perhaps a treasured memory. These are then placed in a special memory box as a keepsake.

Memorial Booklet: This can be given to those who attend as a keepsake of the event. It briefly outlines the celebration of life service and may also include photos.

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Jenny Roff…celebrating love and life